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K-12 School District Services

BAI Document Services is very unique as compared to most any other copy/print shops out in the market today. It is because of our experience and the way that we are set up, that we feel that our niche is to handle the unique requirements of public and private schools. There are really (2) ways that we can assist schools in reproducing their necessary documents:

Overflow assistance (1st option)

Currently, if a school or District employs their own central Copy Center, or even very large machines in all of their buildings, we still can help. Some of the things that have to be factored in to getting things done are the following:

  • Longer runs tie up machines
  • Teachers/faculty can spend a fair amount of time at copiers
  • Limited (if any), finishing options are made available because of “inexperienced” users
  • Limited personnel/staff to get things out

BAI Document Services is set up to handle all of this. Especially in the month of August, when staff are only in sparingly and then there’s a “crunch” to get things out. Some of the things that we have done for other Districts include:

                        *  Student Handbooks                       *  Newsletters
                        *  Staff directories                              *  Workbooks
                        *  2, 3 and 4-part forms                     *  Pocket Folders


Full Blown “Off Site” Print Shop (Option 2)

Let BAI Document Services show you how we can benefit your District by becoming an “extension” of your District. By providing you a convenient, cost effective way of reproducing necessary documents for classes, teachers and faculty can devote their time and energy into students. Just because a printing facility is not on your site does not mean that you can’t get things quickly. Some of the things that we can do for you are the following:

  • Easy on-line job submission
  • Daily delivery
  • Extended hours of operation (5:30 AM-6:00PM)
  • Multiple staff members “working for you”
  • Redundancy of equipment (6-9 high speed machines available)
  • Stapling, booklet creation (with specialty folding)
  • Coil binding of books
  • Daily cost lookup (down to the teacher, if necessary)

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